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MBA Fuar

About Us

MBA Grup logoMBA Grup Trade Fairs Ltd. is a young, proactive organizer of leader international exhibitions. Founded in 2006 in Turkey, MBA Grup plays a major role in bringing a wide range of international trade actors from Europe and Asia together by taking the advantage of the unique geographical position of Turkey.

Simply, we aim to maximize business and networking opportunities through trade exhibitions, associated conferences, events and sponsorship opportunities .We offer value added marketing programs and an opportunity to expand your business into Eurasian Market as well.

Our organizations are meant to be most respected trade and consumer events in our region. We develop them through a long process after deep market analysis, their timing are relevant and directly targeted to market needs and rising opportunities in Eurasia.

With its locally managed office and agents MBA Grup is committed to "think global, act local" phrase. We have access to local management with an understanding of their market, enjoy close relations with local government, trade bodies and the media, and can respond quickly and appropriately to customers needs.

MBA Grup has its experienced team in developing, selling, marketing and organizing events. We have a reputation for delivering high quality, high profile and highly respected events. And we are at the forefront of innovation, with an aggressive launch programs, using every aspect of communication as a chance to meet our aim and make our events heard through the media. Taking advantage of its vital geographical position, the company provides Turkey as a meeting place where the great communication and trade zone is yielded between companies and Middle East, Eurasian, Turkic Republics, Eastern European and Russian markets.

MBA Grup takes into consideration that importance of exhibitions lay in presentation of products, they aim to increase the industrial capacity of companies and trade investments, improve the international network within sectors.

Our main goal is rendering Turkey as a leader exhibition country in Eurasia.

Our wish is to cooperate with you to achieve these aims and maximize our profits by employing a "win-win strategy".