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MBA Fuar

Exhibition Venue & Istanbul


Istanbul is the main business center for developing and newly emerging markets of Middle East, the Balkans, CIS Countries, Caucasia, Central Asia and North Africa. Because of its location, it serves a bridge between Europe and Asia, and is the largest city of both Turkey and the region with a population of about 15 million. So, Istanbul itself is also big market for trade fairs. Many foreign companies hold liaison offices in Istanbul either to buy from or to sell to the region. It is still well-known shopping city for the region with its touristic destinations and large number of quality hotels. Turkey does not require visas for citizens of most countries, and a visa is easily issued for many others at points of entry as a minor formality. Thus, it is very convenient for daily trips both for commercial and touristic purposes. Each year, millions visit the country for business and pleasure alike.

Exhibition Venue

Istanbul Expo Center has become an attraction center for international business since its establishment. It is a part of complex called World Trade Center Istanbul and offers a perfect environment for international trade with its 162.000 sqm of exhibition halls, three business towers, shopping areas, two hotels – one 5 star and one 4 star and 3.500 seat capacity congress center, all in one facility. Istanbul Expo Center, with its just 200 m proximity to Ataturk Airport, is easily accessible by international visitors. Since Istanbul Expo Center is a station on the longest metro line of Istanbul, visitors can find quality hotels at reasonable prices.